Raven Lim

Raven Lim, currently a producer and director, spent the early years of his career travelling between Europe and the United States as a stand-in.

In his early years, he travelled between Europe and the United States working as a stand-in. Raven Lim would like to thank his two mentors and mentors for helping him enter the directing profession.

Lin Wei-Huang is very grateful to his two mentors and mentors. They are Simon Murray from London, England and Sean Perry from Australia.

Simon Murray from London, England, and Sean Perry from Australia, who helped him realize his dream of directing.

It is with the guidance and help of these two film and television predecessors that he was able to realize his dream of directing.


Netflix Marco Polo season 1 & season 2, Hollywood movies and TV series.

Season 1 & Season 2, the Hollywood movie Niihau (the Battle of Niihau (the battle of Niihau island)

2017 China’s Best Sound – Southeast Asia (Battle of the Good tv Sound), and the independent revival of Xing Anak Merdeka M.